Medical Aesthetics

Botox / Neurotoxins


Safe and effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, preventative antiaging, medical (hyperhidrosis, TMJ, muscles spasms etc.…)


Botox Lip Flip


Botox used above/below the lip to relax the muscles giving a very natural volume boost and soften lip lines. Great treatment for gummy smiles.


Dermal Filler

Half Syringe $350, Full Syringe $550

Hyaluronic Acid Filler to natural restore lost volume to areas of the face due to aging and the enhance areas for a fuller more desired look – such as lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, temples etc.…)

Restylane Skin Boosters

Half Syringe $350, Full Syringe $550

A very hydrating, less viscosity filler used to brighten the skin, hydrate, fill in fine lines, reduce crepiness, improve scars – can be used in trouble areas or a full facial for an amazing healthy glow!

Aqua Gold Facial / Red Carpet Facial


This facial is popular in Hollywood to the stars and known as the “Red Carpet Facial.” It combines Botox and Filler into a vial that is stamped/infused into the top layer of the skin through tiny gold needle tips. No downtime, very comfortable/no pain, and gives an amazing overall “photoshopped” look that lasts up to 6 months!!

Add ons available:

- Vitamin C for increased skin glow


- PRF for natural skin repair, brightening and tightening


- Glutathione for skin whitening and pigmentation


Fat Dissolving Injections


These injections contain deoxycholic acid that target adipose/fat cells and dissolve them into liquid that is then drained out of your body through your body’s lymphatic system. This is considered permanent fat loss! Mesotherapy vitamins in the injections tighten and firm the skin after the fat loss volume has occurred!

Micro Needling


This amazing treatment can be used to soften fine lines and wrinkles, great for scarring, skin tightening, pigmentation, to thicken thin areas of skin and much more!

Vampire Facial

$399 - 2 VIALS

Micro needling to cause micro traumas to the skin and then your own platelets rubbed topically and into the poke holes to stimulate maximum healing and new skin regeneration.

Vampire Facial

$599 - 4 VIALS

Like the vampire facial, but more vials to target more areas (including neck, under eyes, lips)

Vitamin B12 Injection

$30.00 | 4 pack for $100

Safe and effective, with no blood work required for increased energy, metabolism, aids in hair and nail growth and much more

Vitamin C Injection

$50.00 per shot | Package of 4 - $150

Immune system boosting, improves skin glow and much more!

Glutathione, Vitamin C, Methyl B12, NAD and B Complex ( 3/1 shots promo )


For the best vitamin shot loaded with powerhouse nutrients for YOU! contact our clinic for more info!

Sclerotherapy Injections


Sclerosants injected into spider veins and varicose veins to reduce and diminish unsightly and/or painful veins in legs and face

Nitrous Oxide Gas


We now offer nitrous oxide to offer additional comfort to our treatments. Safe, effective and effect only lasts during duration of the treatment – no downtime!

MNRF Technology


Micro needling and Radiofrequency is the newest form of technology for skin tightening and lifting, acne scarring improvement, crepey skin repair and much more! Can be used not only on the face but for skin tightening on the entire body.

Injector Fee


With insurance coverage, if you bring your own Botox, sealed and prescribed by physician



Hyaluronic filler dissolvent available for filler migration or undesired areas of filler

PDO Threads

A non-invasive face lift and/or other body areas using polydiaxanone cogs. Derived from sutures that are used for stitches in the hospital. The threads are used to lift and tighten the skin, and dissolve over time leaving collagen in their place. Results can last upwards of 1 year!

Mini Mid Face Lift


Targets the middle face (Undereye, smile lines, prejowl)

Mid Face Lift

$650 - $850

Similar to the middle face but uses more threads for extra lift when required including reverse techniques for more lift.

Full Face Lift

$900 - $1500

Targets middle face and lower face/jawline

Lower Face Lift


Targets the lower face for jawline contouring and definition

Cheek/Jawline Pop


Using Biomesh Threads which are several threads coiled together we can add natural definition to the cheek bone or jawline angles to enhance, lift and contour similar to filler but lasts longer and gives a less “filled” look

Collagen Blast / Scar / Cellulite Reduction

$450 area

Using mono threads, this popular treatment breaks up tissue just under the skins service to ensure it heals smoothly, tighter and firmer (Undereye, cheeks, chin, body etc..)

Lip Line Contour


Mono threads along the lip line to enhance/define the border of the lip, minimize and prevent lip lines, lift- creating additional height and volume and also to prevent filler migration

Nose Slim/Lift


Safer and longer lasting than filler, PDO threads are used to slim the bridge of nose, lift the tip, straighten and contour the nose

PDO Lip Lift


Combining lifting cogs and mono threads we are defining your philtrum colu PDO Brow Lift/Fox Eye Lift ($350-$550) Depending on the lift desired, mono threads to add volume and elastin to lift or lifting cogs to pull and tighten the skin to improve are used to achieve optimal lift to the eye lids/eyebrow.

PDO Pony Tail Lift


Threads are placed along the hair line to lift and pull the forehead tighter and add volume just above the hairline to the scalp to tighten the forehead and lift the brows – great alternative or addition to Botox!

PDO Neck/Chin Lift

$499 - $699

Depending on desired outcome, mono threads and/or lifting cogs are used to tighten and lift the neck and chin, increase collagen and elastin and thicken thin skin to improve the neck, chin and décolleté area

PDO Nasolabial Lift


Using Biomesh/filler threads, we are able to naturally fill/add volume to the NLF area

PDO Arm/Tummy /Leg / Knee Lift


Using a combination of lifting cogs to pull the skin, lift and tighten as well as mono threads to thicken, tighten skin, improve collagen and elastin to improve loose skin on arms, tummy, legs, knees etc.

PRF (Protein Rich Fibrin) Newest Version of PRP

PRP is a very effective and natural treatment that uses your own body’s healing factors to improve/repair your skin. PRF is the most advanced version that uses only the best healing factors from your blood and requires no additives for the treatments.

PRF Plasma Lift


Reinjection of your healing platelets to areas of concern to brighten, tighten, firm, heal

PRF Hand Rejuvenation


Reinjection of your healing platelets to the hands to thicken skin, reduce pigment, tighten and firm

PRF Under Eye Rejuvenation


Reinjection of your healing platelets to under eyes for skin thickening, firming, brightening – great, natural alternative to under eye filler.

PRF Sexual Rejuvenation


Reinjection of your healing platelets to genital area to improve stress incontinence for women, lubrication, sensitivity, tightening, orgasm, improve erectile dysfunction for men, increase girth, length and stamina.

PRF Breast Augmentation

(3 Treatments) $1250

Reinjection of your healing platelets to breast and cleavage area to increase volume and bust, tighten skin and lift, brighten skin, firm.

PRF Hair Restoration

(3 treatments) $1250

Reinjection of your healing platelets to areas of thinning to stimulate hair regrowth to the follicles of dormant hair cells to thicken and regrow hair.

PRF EZ Gel (PRF Filler)


A natural filler alternative using your own bodies healing factors, heated and then cooled to create a gel like filler that can be injected just like a hyaluronic acid filler to add volume, brighten, heal, contour. Approx. 6 syringes per treatment.

Esthetician Services

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The most popular beauty/health treatment of 2023, our highly trained staff are able to assist your natural lymphatic drainage as well promote circulation, unclog blocked lymph ducts for optimal depuffing, detoxing and overall improved health and skin as well relief from sinus issues.

Lymphatic ½ area


This includes one of the following ; face and neck, stomach, legs, under arms/arms

Lymphatic Full Body Massage


A relaxing and health promoting, beneficial full body lymphatic massage to ensure optimal circulation, full body detoxing, lymph node drainage and debloating.

LED Light Therapy

(4 Treatments ) $199.00

Combined with or alone, LED light treatments were also named as the top beauty/health treatments of 2023! There are an array of light colours that you can choose from and or combine to treat many different concerns. Our clinical grade LED light is able to penetrate deep into tissues to offer optimal results.

HF Wand and LED Light Facial


This amazing combination can be used as a solo treatment or added on to another one of our facials. The HF wand helps improve acne, antibacterial actions, skin tightening and firming, and coupled with LED light therapy that is tailored to your specific concerns.

HF comb/LED light


Another treatment that can be done solo or as an add on. HF comb stimulates hair follicles to increase and promote growth. Combined with LED that has been proven to promote hair regeneration and growth.

TCA Chemical Peel


Trichloroacetic Acid is a medical grade peel that is very effective for treating skin issues such as visible signs of aging, sun damage, acne and acne scarring, hyperpigmentation as well

Derma plane


This super popular treatment involves uses a medical grade scalpel to remove peach fuzz, dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. This does NOT cause hair to grow back thicker or coarser! Not only does it leave your skin looking and feeling smooth, flawless, your make up goes on like photoshop! Great for ingrown hair issues, reduces breakouts and acne.

Hydrotherapy Detox Circuit


This is a 3-step Treatment that includes: A deep lymphatic drainage massage, Infrared light therapy, Infrared sauna blanket, steam shower and cold shower. Benefits include: full body detoxification, Excreting toxins, bloating, water retention, circulation, weight loss and metabolism, skin improvements, immune boosting

3-step Detox Circuit

Laser Hair Removal

SQIN Med has 2 laser machines to ensure the best technology is used for hair removal as well as for skin related treatments like IPL, brown spots, vein reduction. BBL – Broad Band Light is our preference for facial treatments.

IPL Facial


BBL technology is used to treat hyperpigmentation, fine lines, crepey skin and leaves the skin with an overall glass appearance.

IPL Rosacea Treatment


Using a different setting, BBL technology targets hemoglobin (blood) and in this case blood vessels to constrict and reduce them resulting in redness reduction

IPL Spider Vein Treatments


Our laser will target your blood vessels causing vasoconstriction (shrinking) and then reabsorption by the body – no more unsightly veins!

Laser Hair Removal Back of Neck


Laser Hair Removal Bikini Line


Laser Hair Removal Brazilian


Laser Hair Removal Buttocks


Laser Hair Removal Chin


Laser Hair Removal Ears


Laser Hair Removal Fingers or Toes


Laser Hair Removal Full Arm


Laser Hair Removal Full Face


Laser Hair Removal Full Leg


Laser Hair Removal Half Leg


Laser Hair Removal Men Full Back


Laser Hair Removal Nose


Laser Hair Removal Stomach


Laser Hair Removal Underarms


Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip


Laser Hair Removal Men Chest



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